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We are currently rewriting Farseer-NMR towards version 2.

Version 1 is still functional and working, though not much supported apart from minor bugs. You can download the latest stable version, v1.3.5, on the releases tab, or visit the complete version 1 code and its documentation in version 1 branch) on GitHub.

Our original publication is available at JBioMolNMR), cite us if you use Farseer-NMR for your research, regardless of which version you use.

Please note that the master branch) currently hosts the development of version 2, which is UNFINISHED software; again, please, refer to version 1 for a stable and functional release.

Farseer-NMR runs purely on volunteer work without any official assigned funds. All help is welcomed, engage with us)!

Attention Attention Attention


A Python written, multi-platform and fully community-driven suite to analyse datasets of peaklist files extracted from multivariable series of Biomolecular Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) experiments.

With Farseer-NMR, you have:

  • Automatic analysis of large and multivariable NMR peaklist files datasets

  • Peaklist parsing and treatment

  • Identification of _missing_ and _unassigned_ residues

  • Automatic calculation of NMR parameters

  • Comprehensive organization of the output

  • Large suite of publication-ready plotting templates

  • Full traceability via Markdown) formatted log file.

You can read now through the contents bellow.

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